Freketrix Technologies Limited is a multi-discipline company offering Internet-Based Services, Engineering Project's Design Services, Software Training, and Consultancy services, across the globe. Our cutting edge technological expertise can meet your requirements.

    Your one-stop solution for:
  • Information Technology Services, (Web Services) such as Website & Apps Design and Development, Web Maintenance, Domain Registration, Mobile-App Design, Web Hosting, etc. and
  • Engineering Design Services (CADD Services) such as Mechanical Design & Drafting, Electrical Design & Drafting, Plumbing/Piping system Design & Drafting, Structural Design & Detailing, and Architectural Design & Drafting Services for private and industrial structures.

100%Our Information and Engineering Technological Solutions are the finest around. And we guarantee 100% satisfaction on our services.

Outsourced your Engineering Design & Drawing Projects or Web Development Projects to us, to improve your profit margins with increased in your company's productivity and efficiency.

We come prepared with knowledge of current IET standards and best practices needed to be a trusted business partner for public and private companies. Our strength lies in the ability to understand & translate a customer's visions into realities.

Freketrix work with various experts groups and uses most current tools in meeting industrial challenges. Our clients are always happy.



We offer Bespoke Web-based services, Engineering Conceptual Designs & Detailing, and Training services.

Web Services

We offer the following Internet-based services with expertise.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Database Programming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Website Design & Development

CADD Services

We do Conceptual Designs & Detailling of the following projects.

  • Hotels
  • LPG Plants
  • Petroleum Retail Outlet
  • Lubricating Oil Blending Plants
  • Residential and Commercial Houses

Training Services

We train candidates on the following areas:

  • IT Training
  • Building Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Engineering Software
  • General Computer Training




With our expertise, the following jobs were recently performed by us.

Website Design, Development and Management for the following establishments:

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design & Drafting for the following companies:

  • I-Bed Nig. Ltd.
  • Saclux Lub Oil Plant
  • Muhammadu Shopping Plaza
  • Dinatek Petroleum Retail Outlet
  • Ubengama Water Bottling Company

Contact us today, and Outsource your projects to us and relax while we work to reduce your overheads, free up your resources and help you save on manpower and training costs.



IT Support Blog
We can help you with any information Technology challenges.

It is no news that Information Technology have magnified our ability to analyze, compute and communicate, thereby improving the way we plan, control and manage a variety of tasks. Computer and Mobile applications appears to influence almost all facets of life in our present society. Amidst these benefits, some people still have problems of technical-know-how among others. If you are facing challenges on what you can do to:

  • Get a website?
  • Improve your IT skills?
  • Improve your customer service?
  • Reduce employee stress?
  • Simplify your job and Increase your productivity?
  • Lower costs to meet budgets?
  • Own and use a Computer?
  • Work better with international peers?
  • Follow reasonable corporate mobile device use?
  • Prevent data loss due to bit rot?

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Why you should Choose us?
There are many reasons why you should choose our services.

  • We understand that every projects has different requirements. That is why Freketrix provide innovative and creative services that can make your business stand out in the competition.
  • Freketrix has a team of efficient and experienced designers and devlopers who can work on any kind of project needs and requirements.
  • Our expert team are quick and creative. Hence we can handle all your major needs within a short span of time.
     In Web Development, we offer:
  • Unique and attractive designs
  • Custom made & user friendly template
  • Multiple animation options that can improve the quality and nature of your Website and Apps
  • Unlimited revisions of designs and animations till we meet your standards
  • Good hosting and maintenance services at a low cost which can help you save money and time.
  • The best strategies to improve the quality of your Websites and Apps.
     In CADD Services, we offer:
  • High quality and low cost
  • Freedom from liabilities
  • Ability to manage your project in your own way.
  • Work with your very own dedicated remote resource
  • Access to best engineering resources and qualified architects
  • We deliver drawing outputs on-time with the highest quality and professional care possible.




Use any of the following details to contact us for a professional solutions to Website or Apps Development, Engineering CADD and IT Consultancy Services.

1. #33 Clement Isong Avenue, Off Abak Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
2. #16 Usanga Akpan Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

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About Us

Freketrix Technologies Limited is an innovative and experienced multi-discipline company that offers a variety of technology solutions for every kind of Individual, Group & Corporate Bodies. We are vast Information Technology Services, Engineering Design & Drafting Services, Training.

We come prepared with knowledge of current IET standards and best practices needed to be a trusted business partner for public and private companies. Our strength lies in the ability to understand & translate a customer's vision into realities. read more

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